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  • “Peace is what everyone seeks, but it can never be secured from  the outside world.  Accumulation of riches and power cannot endow peace. Peace can come from the fountain of Peace within.”
    -Sri Sathya Sai Baba
    Everyone craves peace and happiness - a child may find happiness in playing with friends; a Student may feel happiness when high grades are achieved in school; a young woman may find happiness in listening to music; a businessman may think of happiness as a million dollar contract. The tragedy in this is that we are looking for happiness outside. As long as we do this there is room for disappointment. It is an irony that it is much easier for us to discover the space around us, than to try to penetrate our inner space. There is an old maxim: “Let there be peace in the world and let it begin with me.” The greatest gift we can give our children is the secret to inner peace. In this search for inner peace and happiness we must look at what is common to all people, regardless of race, language and age. Everybody has three common faculties of thought, breath and time and we can see how they can be instrumental in this search for peace and happiness.
    We tend to have too many thoughts; one thought is instantly replaced by another. There is a saying, “What you think, you so become”; therefore thoughts should be useful, not out of control. We should be able to govern our thoughts, not the other way round.
    We can teach the children at a young age how to be masters of their own thoughts. Once children are in tune with their own conscience they will be able to differentiate between right and wrong. They will develop their own inner discipline that will serve as a guide. Once this is achieved peace and happiness is assured. One of the main techniques to help children work towards attaining this state is Silent Sitting.


    If we look at the life and work of great scientists, inventors and artists, their moment of glory for genius did not come whilst poring over books or even in the laboratory, but in a moment of quietness and contemplation. Sir Isaac Newton, for example discovered the laws of gravity whilst sitting under a tree. There are countless other instances like this, that only go to prove that it is when the mind is at peace that we can tap into our intuition.