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    “Teach the children the habit of daily prayer, when they rise from the bed in the morning and when they lie down to sleep when the day is over.”
     - Sri Sathya Sai Baba
    Prayers help us remember the Truth behind our existence, and cultivate closeness with God. Prayers lift the child’s mind from the outer world; establishes respectful attitude in children and classroom. Prayers demonstrate the Glory of the Lord and children experience His presence. Prayers develop strength in children which can be used in times of distress. It reminds them to call on the Lord for help.
    Prayers from various religions help the child to understand the unity between religions. Memorization involved in prayers helps to develop the mind as well as mental strength.
    Acharaya Vinoba Bhave compares prayers to bath, food and sleep. Bath cleanses the body, wholesome food nourishes the body and sound sleep refreshes and invigorates the body. Similarly, prayer cleanses the mind, nourishes it and gives spiritual vigour and peace.
    Just as we have bath, food and sleep at regular times, so prayer must also be at regular times.

    Prayers keep our hearts well ventilated like a window. When we open window, bright sunlight comes in and fresh air blows in, removing the darkness and stuffiness in the room. Same way when we close our eyes in prayer, the window of our heart opens and God’s sacred light blows in and removes all worries and negative thoughts in our minds.
    The Best Prayer is to Pray for the well being of everything in all the worlds.
    "Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavanthu"