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    “Every man has the discrimination to know what the right action is and what the wrong action is. Wrong action develops guilt feelings whereas right action is free and without such fear.”
    -Sri Sathya Sai Baba
    We live in a group; we do not live in isolation. We are social beings who live in societies constantly interrelating with each other. We tend to believe that our way of thinking is correct and everyone else may not be correct. What we would like our children to understand is that although “I” may be right, it does not mean that everyone else is wrong. There are many ways of thinking and doing things. In the holistic development of children, we want them to get along with others and to listen respectfully to the opinion of others. A major present day problem is communication or lack of it. One of the main purposes of Group Activities is for the children to learn how to work and play together in a harmonious way. Children enjoy being active rather than in a seated position for too long.


    “If you tell me, I will forget; If you show me, maybe I will remember. If you involve me, I will understand”
    This technique serves as a reinforcement technique. All that is learnt and comprehended is tested on the touchstone of simulated situations. It promotes an effective way to live life fully and remain integrated in thought, word and deed.